Top 10 Countries I want to Visit


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  1. Ireland 124887
  2. Australia                                                               Ayers-Rock-Uluru
  3. Russia                                                                     Moscow-Kremlin-Palace-and-Red-Square-in-Winter.jpg
  4. Singapore                                                             singapore_1
  5. United Arab Emirates (mostly for Dubai)  UAE-3
  6. Switzerland                                                       shutterstock_321457847.jpg
  7. Poland                                                              poland-tour-highlights-1502081878-1000X561
  8. Morocco                                                          10261.jpg
  9. Georgia (yes, the country)                             Tbilisi-Georgia.jpg
  10. Fiji                                                                     1337670973430

What countries do you want to visit??


Being a Flight Attendant


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Upon flying to my friend’s house for Spring Break, I noticed each flight attendant on my plane and wondered if they enjoyed their job, how they chose it in the first place, and how life as a flight attendant really is.

To me, being a flight attendant seems both exciting and exhausting at the same time – much like a surgeon maybe? (Remember, all of these thoughts are merely that and not anything conclusive.) They get to fly multiple times a day every day and to many different cities and countries, but they also are probably forced to work pretty long shifts as well as sleep in many different cities and beds each week. I, personally, would not do well with this type of varied routine (oxymoron??).

They also have to deal with many different patrons on each flight as well as navigating the turbulence of flights and being stuck on board with all of this happening. They have no escape. I can’t imagine how stressful that is.

It would also be hard to see family and friends a lot I think. Flight attendants are constantly on the go and flying to new places, so they aren’t able to settle and consistently see people that “live near them.” It makes me wonder as to some of the reasons why people become flight attendants. Do they like the adventure? Do they appreciate flying? Are they running away from people? Are they afraid/unwilling to settle down?

No matter what the reason or the positives and negatives that are associated with being a flight attendant, I think it is a super cool job, and I’m very appreciative of the ones I’ve encountered!

Bible Interpretation


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One of the greatest arguments that occurs between both Christians and non-Christians is about how to interpret the Bible. Some say to take it literally and others say, “No, take the Bible like a long metaphor.” And then others, like myself, feel that some of it should be taken literally and some should be seen metaphorically.

The Bible was divinely inspired and written, and I believe each story and word has a purpose – and not just for the lifetime it was written in. In this way, I believe the Bible should be taken literally. But I don’t believe that people should use the Bible as an excuse to do bad things. Because that’s not what it’s about. When people in the Bible didn’t seem to be acting morally correctly, they were still following God. That’s what we should take from it. That through all things we must follow God’s commands.

And that’s why I also feel some things should be taken metaphorically. Most of Jesus’ parables were metaphors, so I believe God spoke through more than just him in that manner. While some commands in the Bible need to be taken literally as they are written, some need to be seen as a metaphor – an exaggerated example so to say. And I believe this is how the Bible stays relevant no matter what year it is.

The final question is: which things should we take literally and which figuratively? And that’s the ultimate dilemma. My answer: if you are reading the Bible and praying, actually talking to God, then the answer should be clear each time. He will reveal to you how you need to be understanding the Bible if you ask Him.


Top 10 Imagine Dragon Songs


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A friend of mine, Katriel (whose blog you should totally check out!), asked me the other day what my favorite Imagine Dragons song is, and it got me thinking. I’m able to pretty much give an answer straight off the bat, but the more I think about it and listen to their music, I find many more songs that I could consider favorites. So here is a list of 10!

  1. I’ll Make It Up To You (Evolve) – I appreciate this song for its more low-key, romantic vibe since it’s not a sound I’m used to them doing, but it still sounds just like Imagine Dragons! I think the lyrics are beautiful, and I just love the song soo much!
  2. Radioactive (Night Visions) – I never say that this song is my favorite anymore (even though it definitely was at one point and still ranks at the top) because it’s such a cliche answer. Everybody likes this song and says it’s their favorite. And that’s okay…but still kind of annoying. It is 100% classic Imagine Dragons, and such a fun song to listen to and get pumped up for a workout with.
  3. The Fall (Smoke + Mirrors) – I first fell in love with this song when I saw the band live. I honestly didn’t listen to this song much prior to the show and sometimes even skipped over it (sadly), but it was their encore song at that performance, and they had confetti dropping around them and the sound was incredible! Now it’s totally one of my favorites!! It makes me want to jump around in circles and smile.
  4. Tiptoe (Night Visions) – Freshman year of high school we had to present a speech that consisted of just speaking the words of a song. Kind of interesting. Well of course I had to do Imagine Dragons, but I didn’t want to do cliche Radioactive, so I picked this song and was slightly underwhelmed with the lyrics if I’m honest. But I did become enthralled with the song as a whole.
  5. Hear Me (Night Visions) – I love the message of this song. I was really able to relate in middle school and high school to this song, and it helped me feel understood. That’s mostly why I connected to this song!
  6. Bleeding Out (Night Visions) – This is such a great under-the-radar typical Imagine Dragons song! It’s powerful and fun and the rhythm is great! It’s just a great one to listen to at any time!
  7. Summer (Smoke + Mirrors) – They nailed this song on the head! Every time I hear it, it takes me straight to summer. It relaxes me and makes me picture myself writing or reading outside on a sunny summer day.
  8. Hopeless Opus (Smoke + Mirrors) – TBH, this song is weird. I still haven’t figured out what it means (so if you know, enlighten me), but it’s so strange that it’s fun! I love singing it, and it was especially enjoyable live.
  9. Yesterday (Evolve) – Again, weird song! I hated it the first time I heard it and was annoyed with Imagine Dragons for creating a song like it, but the more I allowed myself to listen to it the more I liked it! Now it just makes me laugh and happy when I hear it!
  10. Polaroid (Smoke + Mirrors) – This song just has a really nice sound and easy to follow and sing along to!

Wow. That was really hard to narrow down! This is definitely a list of songs that I never get tired of though! Also, I saw Imagine Dragons live on their Smoke + Mirrors tour which was so awesome!

Do any of you have a favorite Imagine Dragons song??


Pros & Cons of Having Few Close Friends


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I will talk to anybody, but when it comes to those who I consider true friends or best friends or close friends, the number drops significantly. I only ever trust and enjoy spending extended amounts of time with a few people. This can be good and bad!


  • They understand you by just by seeing your body language.
  • They always know exactly what you need (Sour Patch Kids to cheer you up? Your friend is on top of it.)
  • Never have to split time between ten different friends
  • Less opinions to take into consideration when making decisions


  • If those one or two friends are busy, you’re out of luck!
  • Not much variation when you hang out

Overall, I love having only a few close friends! The hardest time for me is when my schedule doesn’t match with my friends’ and we aren’t able to meet for meals or to study together or hang out on the weekend. I feel helpless in those moments, wishing I had more friends to find to hang out with, but if I’m being honest, I wouldn’t have it any other way! I appreciate my few close friends more than anything!


Choosing a Church


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Finding a church to attend at college has become much harder than I expected.

  1. Burn out – Last semester I found out that you can get burned out from visiting churches just as you can with anything else. We had been trying a different one almost every Sunday, and I was starting to get annoyed with all of them. There was always something I didn’t like and it was frustrating.
  2. Having a group – When I started looking for churches, I went with the same few people (whom I still go with now), but we are all starting to like different churches. We want to go together, but we also want to go to the one we each like best.
  3. Comparing to home church – This is not a problem I have experienced because I’m not super attached to my church back home, but my friends are constantly comparing the churches we visit to their’s back home which can make the decision harder than it needs to be.
  4. Becoming content – Because of reason #1 on this list, I have become content with going to a certain church. “It’s good enough” is what I tell myself. Which isn’t really a good thing to say! I like the church we go to but not completely. I could probably find one I like better, but I don’t feel like trying more.

I think all of these things happen to many people in college. And they are the reasons why people either struggle with their faith in college or church-hop their entire time at college. I know you can’t ever find the “perfect” church, but you have to find one that you  agree with their theology and feel like is helping you grow in your faith.

I think I’m still looking for that. Are any of you?


Top 10 States I Want to Visit


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This is somewhat of a cliche “Top 10,” but I’m still going to do it!

  1. Alaska (Surprisingly, I do not live there as my name on here may mislead you to think, but it’s been my dream my entire life to visit Alaska!!) Image result for alaska
  2. Massachusetts (or any New England State!) Image result for massachusetts
  3. Oklahoma (because tornados…duh!) Image result for oklahoma plains
  4. Montana (wilderness) Image result for montana
  5. Arizona (I’ve heard the weather is incredible!) Image result for arizona
  6. Rhode Island (It’s so tiny & fascinating & they have grass tennis courts!) Image result for rhode island
  7. Maine (It seems so peaceful – but definitely visiting in summer) Image result for maine
  8. Washington (Grey’s Anatomy??) Image result for washington state
  9. California (How do you not want to visit this state?? There’s sooo much!) Image result for california
  10. Wyoming (more wilderness like Montana) Image result for wyoming

What states do you want to visit, or where do you recommend??


Portion Control


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I think portion control is one of the hardest aspects of weight loss. For a while, it was one of the easiest things for me.

I shouldn’t say it was “easy” because it was actually quite natural, and I had nothing consciously to do with it.

In my freshman year of high school I was diagnosed with a disorder called gastroparesis. In short, I have paralysis of the stomach which means my stomach has trouble digesting food. There is no cure, but thankfully my case is mild. One of the ways to help prevent the cramping that occurs when your stomach can’t digest the food is by eating smaller meals (and more of them). In high school this was hard. I wasn’t allowed to snack in my classes, so I was forced to eat a big breakfast and lunch to get me through the day. This, paired with anxiety, flared up my symptoms very often.

One of the good things it created though: natural portion control. I got tired of the pain and began suffering through a little extra hunger to have smaller lunches. I also ordered mainly off the appetizer menu at restaurants so that I was given smaller meals. I lost a good deal of weight in high school due to this (and from playing tennis probably…).

Sadly, (well not truly sadly) I have lost this natural portion control in college. And I think it’s mostly due to the lack of anxiety I’ve experienced. I’ve only had a few flare-ups since coming to college; therefore, I haven’t felt the need to portion control very often which I think is contributing to my weight gain (as well as about 20 other factors that influence weight gain in college!!).

I think it’s a good reminder to me that I sometimes need to take responsibility for my life and my actions. God is there to lead us in the right direction, but he can’t dictate our every physical move. I didn’t feel the pressure in high school to watch my portions and exercise – tennis and my condition both controlled this for me! It’s time I take over their roles in my life.

But I am also thankful for the reduced anxiety and less pain I have experienced since coming to college! You win some, you lose some!


Religion and Politics


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“Whoa! This is not the sort of thing you normally talk about!” you may say.

And you would be right. But a speaker the other night got me thinking.

In all honesty, the speaker was kind of dreadful. He read from his notes almost the entire time and used way too many unnecessary, big words. (Trust me, I respect intelligence and the use of higher diction, but not excessively.) Because of this, he was not able to get his point across very well. The few times he stepped away from his script he actually made a lot of good, intriguing, thought-provoking points. He also made some interesting comments during the Q&A session.

One thing that it got me thinking about is the role of politics in general. Politics of some sort have been around for a very long time. A governing body is basically essential to a society. Anarchy is the only other option (in reality) which is definitely not the better one! There needs to be order within a society so that work gets done and criminals can be punished. But it sucks that God can’t be that governing body.

And while I believe that a lot of why this isn’t possible is because we are a broken world of many defiant humans that think they know best, I think it can also be placed on the various interpretations of the Bible itself. Even between those that call themselves Christian, there are still discrepancies with how the Bible should be read and lived out. God is not physically present on Earth; therefore, he cannot physically govern each and every one of us and society as a whole. Because even if every human believed in the existence of God, everyone would have a different interpretation of His word – which (other than prayer) is our only way of communication with Him.

I’ve always thought that a theocracy would be the best option, but even then, as mentioned above, there would still be issues. There were issues with the Israelites, and they were a theocracy. There is no perfect way to rule because whatever way you put it, there’s always going to need to be a humanly figure “in charge,” and humans will always think they are the ones with the answer.

This post sounds super cynical, huh? There’s no good way to govern…we’re all doomed.

Not really. I mean I don’t necessarily think it’s ever going to get better. Politics are imperfect in every part of the world, and that will never change. It shouldn’t change because humans are not supposed to be the ones in charge, but they “have” to be. We can’t expect it to ever be great, but we can stay true to our conviction as Christians and continue to treat others with love and live our lives with God as the one who rules over us. We can pray and continue our job of proclaiming the gospel. We can look forward to Heaven where God truly does govern and life is perfect…without politics (thank goodness).


Bradford Pear Season


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If you do not know what a Bradford Pear tree is (it’s the tree in the above picture), consider yourself somewhat blessed.

Every year these absolutely gorgeous, giant trees come into season and bloom beautiful white flowers. They are pretty amazing to see, but they have a secret.

They smell AWFUL!!!

The town my college is located in has a whole row of them lining the main road, and it looks beautiful but smells absolutely terrible. It’s a really strange tree.

Or is it?

Much of the world is like this tree. They look good from far away but up close you can smell the horrible stench…of deceit, of lies, of arrogance, of abuse. So many people and objects look great from afar but when you get too close or too involved, things aren’t as great as they once seemed.

I’m sure we can all think of many human examples of the Bradford Pear, but what about inanimate comparisons? Things like parties in college could be considered Bradford Pears. From far away they seem cool! Lots of cool, attractive people attend them, everyone that goes seems to have a great time, alcohol sounds delicious, socializing and getting to know people is a great activity. It all sounds good. But then you attend a party and see that some drunk guys are not fun, alcohol at these parties is disgusting, and there is more sex than socializing. (I do think parties vary based on the school you are at too, so if the parties at your school are nothing like this, then awesome!)

Be careful with Bradford Pears of the world, and be diligent about not being one. It’s easy for all of us to put on a front and seem amazing and perfect but are horrible people in reality. Try to match your appearance with your scent…so to say. Don’t be a Bradford Pear and be aware of those that are (people or otherwise).